Weaknesses in zara s it infrastructure and it strategy

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Information Technology Management at ZARA - Essay Example

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Weaknesses. Due to no marketing strategy and planning the growth rate of market share is very low. Zara’s expenditure on IT comprises of less than % of total income on Information Technology and IT employees are only % of total workforce of company.

What Current Or Potential Weaknesses If Any Do You See In Zara S It Infrastructure And It Strategy You are asked to read: Zara: IT for Fast Fashion. Then, you are required to use the following questions to format/organize your response (for the sake of brevity and clarity limit yourself to answering the questions concisely).

What current or potential weaknesses (if any) do you see in Zara’s current IT infrastructure, IT strategy (planned improvements/additions to their existing infrastructure), and the process (who all are involved in the decision making for investment in IT and how often they meet and steps they go through to arrive at the decision) used to 90%(10).

IT strategy -Zara fails to identify how IT can further improve and achieve the company’s competitive advantage. For example, while Zara’s success based heavily on competitive Inventory Management, the company fails to further improve it by enhancing communications of. The Strategic Management Analysis of ZARA (Relative to the Case in Developing Countries) This will relate to the company‘s strategy in Marketing.

Again, Zara has been very stingy when it comes to marketing campaigns. This is one of the weaknesses for Zara as the customer will think twice to purchase if price is a big consideration for.

Answer to What are current or potential weaknesses in Zara’s IT infrastructure and strategy?.

Weaknesses in zara s it infrastructure and it strategy
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