Strengths and limitations of conformity and obedience

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Conformity and its Disadvantages

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Strengths and Limitations:D--No ETHICAL issues compared to Asch.:D--STIMULATION of real life occurrence (trial)=does represent conformity in real life setting so= higher ecological validity + mundane realism, than Asch.

Milgram- Strenghts and Weaknesses of Method

Asch's Line Experiment. Advantages. Disadvantages. With it being a lab experiment this means that it lacks ecological validity. Conformity rate in 's America will have been very different to what it would be nowadays.

PSYA2 Conformity and Obedience. / 5. Social influence spec checklist mindmap. / 5. Asch's research on.

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Asch's conformity study has many strengths. Firstly, it was a highly controlled experimental set-up. There was a control group and a group with other people, meaning that any major difference in.

It will then look at what is inferred by situational factors, focusing on conformity, socialisation, obedience to authority and group dynamics and what Milgram termed the agentic state.

The essay will consider the work of Asch and Zimbardo to cross reference and build on Milgram’s work.

Negative and Positive Obedience in Society: The Power to Corrupt or Change

Strengths of Asch’s study: Conformity may be universal to some degree but conformity rates vary cross-culturally. Limitations of Asch’s study: Laboratory experiments are artificial and somewhat difficult to generalize to real life (issues of ecological validity).

Conformity and its Disadvantages Analysis of How Conformity Gets to Us. In our society today, the word “conformity” can now be .

Strengths and limitations of conformity and obedience
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