Internal audit proficiency and internal controls

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Certified Internal Auditor

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Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group Saudi Arabia : Internal Auditor

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Certified Internal Auditor

When planning and performing the audit of internal control over financial reporting, the auditor should take into account the results of his or her fraud risk assessment.

Internal control CPE self-study courses focus on the critical aspects of “getting it right” when it comes to internal controls. With auditing CPE training that covers all aspects of internal control audits, Surgent’s audit CPE Self-Study courses on internal controls will build your skillset and give you the tools to perform these audits well.

The IS Management Life Cycle. Maintain & Improve Security Management Program Monitor & Continuously Review Program Performance Establish Information. NEW CIA LEARNING SYSTEM Course Objectives. The IIA’s CIA Learning System is a CIA review course designed to meet the unique needs of busy internal audit professionals.

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation is the only globally accepted certification for internal auditors and remains the standard by which individuals demonstrate their competency and professionalism in the internal auditing field.


Internal audItInG and Fraud 2 / The Institute of Internal Auditors • Ongoing reviews — an internal audit activity that considers fraud risk in every audit and performs appropriate procedures based on fraud risk.

Internal audit proficiency and internal controls
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Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group Saudi Arabia : Internal Auditor