Fire hazards and precautions

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Safety tip sheets

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FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT A Fire Risk Assessment is an organised look at what, in your work activities and workplace, could cause harm to people.

This will allow you to weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or you should do more to.

Fire presents a significant risk to businesses. Find out how to assess the precautions, hazards and legal duties around fire safety. The solutions to the hazards in the previous plan: Storage area. Shelving reduced and a partition put in place to separate the storage area.

A torch provided in case a fire affects the lights. ICC Hazmat Regulations Specialists. ICC Compliance Center (ICC) is a provider of solutions for regulatory compliance in transportation and workplace safety.

ALERT King County is a regional public information and notification service offered by King County Emergency Management to help keep you informed about potential hazards and threats that impact your area.

This enhanced service will notify subscribers about potential emergencies in our locality via text, email, and telephone. The union effect. Hazards shows why safety is better organised. Here it presents the evidence and details of innovative union safety rep initiatives including "roving" and regional reps and new style global agreements including health, safety and environmental clauses.

Fire hazards and precautions
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Common fire related hazards