Domestication of plants and animals

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When Did People Domesticate Animals and Plants?

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Domestication of animals

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The domestication of animals (and plants) was born out of somewhat of a necessity for early hunter-gatherers. The process of domestication modifies a species genetically through selective breeding.

Part Two. Part Three: Agriculture And The Origins Of Civilization: The Neolithic Revolution. Edited By: Robert Guisepi. There was. Ikram says a dual domestication makes sense, as other animals—including dogs and pigs—may also have been domesticated more than once.

But Driscoll is skeptical, noting that many plants and. An alphabetical list of terms and explanations that are used within this Evolution for Teaching website.

The domestication of animals is the mutual relationship between animals and the humans who have influence on their care and reproduction. Charles Darwin recognized the small number of traits that made domesticated species different from their wild ancestors.

Domestication of plants and animals
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The Consequences of Domestication and Sedentism--Emily A. Schultz & Robert H. Lavenda