Back office processes

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The Benefits of Integrating Your Inventory Software with Your Accounting and Back-Office Processes

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Organisation of a Corporate and Investment Bank

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Automating the bank’s back office

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The Differences in Front End & Back End Office Automation

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The performance of general and administrative (G&A) functions varies dramatically among companies, and the differential is poised. The back office deals with an organization’s internal services that are not client-facing. Back office departments address tasks involved with supporting an organization’s infrastructure and administration, including its technology, inventory, accountingand human resources needs.

As an. The new report, named ‘Robotic Process Automation: The impact of RPA on finance back-office processes’, interviewed more than 20 technology partners and players in the field of RPA, gathering together their view on the trends and developments within the sector.

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Back office processes
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Iron Mountain - Iron Mountain and Hyland Team Up to Improve Back-Office Processes