Authoritarianism and democracy in rentier states

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The paradox of a “Rentier State”

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Democracy, Develop- ment, and the Topic Curse in the U. Matthew Ward Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Middle East 22 Dec Introduction Over the past few decades and especially at the turn of the century, there has been a.

Rentier states promote authoritarianism in their non‐rentier neighbors, especially if the former are numerically, economically, and politically dominant over the latter. In other parts of the world, authoritarianism and democracy are also regional phenomena rather than isolated phenomena in separate countries.

Rentier state

A RENTIER THEORY OF SUBNATIONAL REGIMES Fiscal Federalism, Democracy, and Authoritarianism in the Argentine Provinces By CARLOS GERVASONI* SCHOLARS of political regimes have long noticed that the extent to which citizens of democracies enjoy political rights and freedoms.

Authoritarianism and Democracy in Rentier States Thad Dunning Department of Political Science University of California, Berkeley. 2 CHAPTER ONE Resource rents, authoritarianism, and democracy In the contemporary era, oil is the paradigmatic example of a natural resource that. Jun 13,  · SPEAKER: SYNOPSIS: The Rentier State and Authoritarianism in the Middle East: Persistence of a Theory and Implications for Southeast Asia.

In a recent article, I explained disproportionate authoritarianism in 49 Muslim-majority countries with the combined effect of regional diffusion and oil-rich rentier states (Kuru, ).

Democracy in the Middle East Authoritarianism and democracy in rentier states
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