Augustus de morgan and george boole

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Augustus De Morgan

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George Boole

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Augustus De Morgan English mathematician and logician, was born in Juneat Madura, in the Madras presidency. His father, Colonel John De Morgan, was employed in the East India Company’s service, and his grand ‘ father and great-grandfather had served under Warren Hastings.

Augustus De Morgan English mathematician and logician, was born in Juneat Madura, in the Madras presidency. His father, Colonel John De Morgan, was employed in the East India Company’s service, and his grand ‘ father and great-grandfather had served under Warren Hastings.

The Boole-De Morgan correspondence, 1842-1864

De Morgan and George Boole, and somewhat later Ernst Schröder in Germany, were instrumental in transforming logic from a purely metaphysical into a mathematical discipline. They also added to the growing realization of the immense potential of algebraic.

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Create. George Boole () The British mathematician and philosopher George Boole, along with his near contemporary and countryman Augustus de Morgan, was one of the few since Leibniz to give any serious thought to logic and its mathematical implications.

Boole's initial involvement in logic was prompted by a current debate on quantification, between Sir William Hamilton who supported the theory of "quantification of the predicate", and Boole's supporter Augustus De Morgan who advanced a version of De Morgan duality, as it is now called.

Augustus de morgan and george boole
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