An analysis of the education process and education opportunities in both colombia and mexico

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Education in Colombia: Is There a Role for the Private Sector?

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The IIENetworker Magazine. IIENetworker Magazine Sep 12, Read Interconnected Education: Building Bridges Through International Partnerships to learn about partnership models shaping the future of international education from experts in the field. There are two types of upper secondary education in Mexico; high school and professional technical education.

High school usually consists of a three-year program. Finishing high school will grant access to tertiary education. As part of our commitment to keeping tuition rates competitive, GCU has kept campus tuition costs frozen since While the cost per credits are listed below, the average campus student pays only $8, per year* in tuition after institutional scholarships and grants.

Mexico’s system of higher education has seen dramatic growth over the last 45 years. In the period tototal enrollment increased more than six-fold fromto 1,, rising to million in the year. Colombia is now the twenty-fourth leading place of origin for students coming to the U.S., and it is the fourth largest sending market in Latin America after Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.

An analysis of the education process and education opportunities in both colombia and mexico
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